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Burden PropaneTank Purchase Plan

Purchase your propane tank and not only save more but position yourself to ensure you will always get the best deal.

The key to owning your own tank is you are not tied to any one supplier by a long term or restrictive supply/rental contract. Some companies have a minimum 5 year rental term that automatically renews itself, so trying to change suppliers can be complicated and costly.

At Burden Propane we both rent and sell propane tanks. Our rentals don’t come with long restrictive terms so they are a good fit for customers who prefer to rent.

However if you would rather own your own propane tank we offer the best prices in the industry.

Here’s how our Tank Purchase Plan works

  • We offer a 12 month no interest, payment plan for propane tanks, delivery, tank blocks and regulator. We defer the payments but you get the benefits of tank ownership right away.
  • Please call for pricing, some conditions may apply.

The Benefits of Owning your own Propane Tank

  • Lower cost of propane per litre.
  • No disconnect/reconnect fees if you ever choose to switch suppliers.
  • Freedom of Choice – you can purchase your propane from any supplier, ensuring you will always get the best deal.
  • No restrictive long term rental/supply agreements to deal with.