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About PropanePropane Gas Safety

Propane is a versatile, clean burning, environmentally friendly fuel. In properly maintained and operated systems, propane is safe, but like any other fuel must be handled with care and can be dangerous if leaked or spilled.


Propane has an odour added to it to make it smell like rotten eggs or boiling cabbage so you can easily detect it.

Propane is heavier than air, so when checking for leaks, be aware that it gathers in low-lying areas.

Propane detectors or alarms are available and are much like a smoke or fire alarm.

Know how to shut off the propane supply from your tank or cylinder, if you are not sure how to do this, contact the Burden Propane office for instructions.


Always store propane cylinders in the upright position, outside in a well ventilated and secure location, and never store propane cylinders inside an enclosed building.

Propane can cause severe frostbite if it comes in contact with your skin or eyes. Handle with gloves and protective clothing to avoid injury.

All lines not attached to appliances or equipment must be capped.

Keep your propane tank and cylinders accessible, free from debris, weeds, brush and long grass.


  • Extinguish all smoking materials and open flames
  • Do NOT touch electrical switches
  • Do NOT light matches or create any other source of ignition
  • Get everyone out of the building or area IMMEDIATELY
  • Shutoff propane tank or cylinder supply valve
  • Move upwind, away from the leak or smell
  • Go to a nearby phone and call your propane supplier, 911 or Fire Department
  • Do NOT re-enter the area until it is safe to do so

This information is not intended to provide comprehensive advice on safety and injury procedures. No liability whatsoever is assumed for any injuries, damages or losses that may arise out of its use.